One cubic yard of mulch spread 3” deep will cover 100sq ft, or a 10’x10’ square. To figure out how much mulch you need measure the length and the width of the area that you are going to be applying the mulch then enter that combined by your desired depth into our mulch calculator and it will tell you how much to order.

This all depends on your application. Colored vs. non colored mulch is purely a matter of personal taste and intended benefit.(look vs. nutrient value?) The more course mulches such as our Hardwood mulch will do well in large areas and at the base of large trees. The fine and medium textured mulch like our Blended Hardwood and our Premium Bark mulch are best served around shrubs, flowerbeds and gardens. Wood chips are best for walking paths, dog runs or animal stalls. Pleases feel free to call us and we will gladly help you decide what product will best suit your needs.

This all depends on whether you are using the mulch to enrich the soil or just using it for decoration.

The Premium Bark Mulch is produced from the bark of the tree. The bark is recycled from paper mills and chip mills in the south and then delivered to the Chicago area via barge. The Premium Bark Mulch is a rich brown color and is of a very fine consistency allowing for faster breakdown.

The Blended Hardwood Mulch is a 50/50 mixture of our Premium Bark mulch and our Hardwood mulch. The blended Hardwood offers a very rich brown color and is of a Medium to fine consistency, allowing for a slower beak down.

The Hardwood Mulch is produced from the heart of a tree. This is a culmination of the wood that we collect over the year that is then ultimately double ground and aged over the winter. It is a dark brown product with a medium texture to it.

Colored Mulches are generally produced from recycled wood waste, such as pallets and old lumber. This product has a medium texture and can provide very bold colors.

This all depends on a few things:

  • What mulch are you using?
  • How long is it in direct sunlight during the day
  • The amount of maintenance you want to put forth .

Typically the dyed mulches will last the longest. Pleases feel free to call us and ask how you can get the most out of your mulch. We will be glad to help.

Yes we do. Midwest Compost offers home delivery for any of our products. ( Delivery charges may apply)

A standard 8’ pickup bed will hold 2 cubic yards filled water full. Smaller beds will hold approximately one to one and a half cubic yards.

No, but we can help you get in touch with one of our long standing reliable contractors who does.