About Us

Midwest Compost LLC, is an IEPA permitted disposal facility for yard waste and clean wood waste materials. Midwest Compost LLC is also an approved marshalling facility for Emerald Ash Borer contaminated wood in full compliance of the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Insect Pest & Disease Act.

In addition to this we are also a landscape material supplier to homeowners and landscaping contractors selling mulch, organic compost, topsoil, sand and gravel. Midwest Compost is a one-stop shop for your landscape material needs.

Midwest Compost LLC. Is committed to the three R’s of recycling:


We are helping to reduce/eliminate the amount of yard waste put in to landfills. With the State Landfill ban for Landscape waste, we provide a viable reuse option.


Everything that we take in, grass, leaves, brush, soil, and sod is all used to make the compost that we sell. Additionally, landscape waste has proven to be a great soil amendment for land application and garden uses. The woodchips, logs and branches that we take in all are all used to make the mulch we sell.


Through the processing of the landscape waste materials accepted at our facility, we are recycling them back into a productive reusable product completing the recycling cycle.