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This soil is a screened material, usually very fine which provides a rich enhancement for planting, top dressing for seeding and sodding.

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This soil is a screened material, usually very fine which provides a rich enhancement for planting, top dressing for seeding, and sodding.

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  • 7 yds can be delivered in one delivery

57 reviews for Topsoil

  1. Steven Spoerl (verified owner)

  2. Bri Y. (verified owner)

    Great quality, ordered 2 yards online. Delivery was seamless and pain free!

  3. Arthur (verified owner)

    Soil looks good! Very few stones in it. Looks clean and bug free. Delivery was right on time. Online ordering makes it super easy.

  4. Jennifer (verified owner)

    thank you for mixing my compost & topsoil

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product and fast delivery!!!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Paula R. (verified owner)

  8. Rex (verified owner)

    Ordered 6 cubic yards of PULVERIZED Top soil. It had numerous large chunks or clay and HARD pieces that made spreading the 6 yards of to soil less than ideal. I was also told/quoted $45 for delivery and was surprised to find out that I was charged $60.

  9. Christina Coppola (verified owner)

    Was very clumpy for top soil. Very poor quality. I ordered mixed compost from another company and it was better quality that the top soil we received.

  10. Lori Wells (verified owner)

    The description of this product says “screened material and very fine”. The product we got included a lot of large chunks of hard soil. We didn’t have time to call another company to deliver product and had to create a homemade sifter to screen out these chunks in order to use this soil. It created twice the work for us. In addition to large chunks of hard soil, we also found pieces of broken glass and other manmade items. Very disappointed with this product.

  11. Timothy Wolf (verified owner)

    The topsoil was a beautiful black and was delivered efficiently. Thank you!

  12. Linda Brighton (verified owner)

  13. Karen I. (verified owner)

    courteous driver, delivery later than i thought

  14. Tony G. (verified owner)

  15. miguel g. (verified owner)

    Topsoil was very rocky containing big amount of sand, having hard time growing grass on it.

  16. Tory K. (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t get it anywhere else.
    30 yards in 7 days. Thanks guys!

  17. Jim Berger (verified owner)

    Great product, excellent delivery time, delivery cost a little high for being a mile away.

  18. Jeff F. (verified owner)

    Arrived on time with minimal clumping or rocks. Order a second load for delivery the following morning and it was delivered without issues. Would order again when needed.

  19. Marie (verified owner)

    Called on Friday and confirmed that I could place order for 40 cu. yards and Monday delivery. Liked online order process and got email confirmation Friday afternoon. Waited for Monday delivery and finally called about 3 p.m. and told it would be Tuesday. Would have liked to receive an email or phone call to let me know. Driver told me at first load that would take 6 loads due to truck capacity, but then delivered 5 loads. I called and questioned – response was that driver loaded heavy to get into 5 loads – just didn’t sound right to me. Driver very good and dropped loads throughout my backyard as requested.

  20. Edward (verified owner)

    Delivery Driver was very professional

  21. Sylvia S. (verified owner)

  22. Richard Pecora (verified owner)

    My new go to place for soil and mulch. The topsoil is very good and the driver is on time and courteous .

  23. James C. (verified owner)

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Delivery was great, on time, courteous, and efficient.

  26. Brett W. (verified owner)

    Easy to pick out what I wanted online
    Delivered on time, exactly where I need it and with a same-day delivery update!
    Professionally handled when interacting with the employees.
    I thought they did a great job from A-Z.

  27. Patrick (verified owner)

    Good courteous service.

  28. Bob (verified owner)

  29. Eric Smith (verified owner)

    Gave me a delivery window of 10 AM to 1 PM. I called at 2 PM and was told the driver would call when on his way. Dirt was delivered at 3:30 with no call. Wasted a good chuck of my day waiting on the delivery.

  30. Michael Shally (verified owner)

  31. david b. (verified owner)

    Not ground enough many lumps

  32. Tyler P. (verified owner)

    Very good quality soil, very aerated and soft and full of nutrients. Perfect ph level mixed with a bag of bumper crop for growing a vegetable garden!

  33. Mark (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, good product, would buy from again.

  34. Jonathan W. (verified owner)

    The product is great and the most affordable around. Additionally, the driver was on time and incredibly nice. Thank you!

  35. Paul I. (verified owner)

    Soil was delivered as promised within the selected time slot

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good customer service. The delivery was delayed due to unforseen circumstances and they made sure it did not delay my project with great communication and follow through.

  38. Robert B. (verified owner)

    I have purchased topsoil on a number of occasions but this was by far the best

  39. Steven S. (verified owner)

    Liked the extent of pulverization

  40. tim s. (verified owner)

    You guys are awesome. Easy to order, and delivered early!

  41. David P. (verified owner)

    I recommend Midwest Compost, I’ve ordered from them before and will be again.

  42. Dennis (verified owner)

  43. Keith Breslich (verified owner)

    many large hunks and rocks

  44. David (verified owner)

    Purchases 7 yards of top soil to cover my entire front and side yard 2-3 deep and reseed. Soil had at lead a wheel barrow full of large unbreakable chunks and I raked out 3 wheel barrows full of marble sized dirt pebbles. They were also quite a few roots within the soil as well. I did call to complain as the product was not as advertised and the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. I would use them again based on customer service but would be very clear upfront about my expectations as to the quality of the product I’d expect.

  45. Stuart Mccowan (verified owner)

    Thanks guys! Thought there would be more dirt in 5 cubic yards (it was about 20 wheelbarrow’s full), but I’m sure you guys measured it correctly. I know it’s an inexact science. Appreciate the quick delivery!!

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Refused the order because soil consistency was not similar to what was shown in picture. It was all balls of soil.

  47. GABE (verified owner)

    Very easy to order on line and prompt delivery.

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. Steve Kramer (verified owner)

  50. Andrew Wiseman (verified owner)

  51. Jeff (verified owner)

    Using the topsoil for leveling and reseeding. Don’t suggest using this product as a top dressing due to rocks and clay.

  52. Kent Lillig (verified owner)

    Delivery was excellent. Dirt had several pieces of glass that we found and not little pieces either. Other than that dirt was a great quality.

  53. Jesse (verified owner)

  54. Michael Zych (verified owner)

    All went great. Driver was great to deal with. Easy process to order

  55. Jacqueline Panico (verified owner)

    I had so many extra large chunks which I couldn’t break up. They were hard as a rock and to heavy for me to lift. Had to use a dolly and dumped them in the yard hopefully the rain will break them up. Sorry about the rating. The driver was extremely pleasant

  56. Alexander (verified owner)

    Product was exactly as ordered – good quality

  57. Eugene (verified owner)

    Reasonable price, and got delivered next morning at 8:30am. Easy as can be

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