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3/4″ Washed Gravel

$54.00 Per Cubic Yard

This 3/4″ Washed Gravel most commonly used for Covering drain tiles, dog kennels, decorative ground cover, or backfilling after waterproofing.

CA6 Stone

$33.50 Per Cubic Yard

This combination of 3/4″ limestone and limestone fines is most commonly used to provide a base for paver patios, sidewalks and driveways.

Double Ground Hardwood

$24.00 Per Cubic Yard

This mulch is mostly used in the commercial side of things when large quantities are needed due to its great economical pricing.

Garden Mix

$45.00 Per Cubic Yard

The Garden mix is a 50/50 blend of our pulverized topsoil Mixed with our organic compost.

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Hardwood Fines

$40.00 Per cubic yard.

This is the finest mulch that we offer. It is of a similar consistency as sawdust but much more dense.

Leaf Mulch

$25.00 Per Cubic Yard

Leaf Mulch will provide many of the same key essential nutrients as hardwood mulch, but it will break down quicker allowing it to provide its nutrients to the soil much sooner.

Limestone Screenings

$32.00 Per Cubic Yard

These limestone fines are generally used as the finishing layer for paver patios.

Organic Compost

$32.00 Per Cubic Yard

This compost is produced from green waste that is delivered to our facility for disposal and ultimately recycled, creating an organic compost product full of nutrients beneficial for your vegetative needs.

Premium Bark Mulch

$60.00 Per Cubic Yard

This is by far the industry’s most popular mulch. This bark mulch is produced from the “bark” of the tree.

Premium Blended Mulch

$44.00 Per Cubic Yard

This is a great alternative to the Premium Bark mulch. It is a 50/50 blend of our Hardwood mulch and our Premium Bark mulch.


$43.00 Per Cubic Yard

This soil is a screened material, usually very fine which provides a rich enhancement for planting, top dressing for seeding and sodding.

Triple Ground Hardwood

$31.00 Per Cubic Yard

The Triple Ground Hardwood is processed though our tub grinder a 3rd time with an even smaller screen size, thus giving it a finer consistency.

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Western Red Cedar

$54.00 Per Cubic Yard

This product provides a very pleasing aroma of cedar and also serves as a natural bug repellent. .