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Premium Bark Mulch

$60.00 Per Cubic Yard

This is by far the industry’s most popular mulch. This bark mulch is produced from the “bark” of the tree.

Premium Blended Mulch

$44.00 Per Cubic Yard

This is a great alternative to the Premium Bark mulch. It is a 50/50 blend of our Hardwood mulch and our Premium Bark mulch.

Professional 6 cu ft wheelbarrow


Item # P6WB

Wolverine’s professional grade wheelbarrows are perfect for all your construction landscaping projects. All of the Wolverine wheelbarrows feature heavy duty steel chassis with large tow/tie down hook. 2-1/8 x 1-5/8” x 60” North American Ash hardwood handles are standard.  Add to that a 4 ply knobby tires with precision bearings and Zurk fittings and these are one of the best made wheelbarrows on the market. This is the last wheelbarrow you will ever have to buy!

Professional All Steel Spade


Item # DH12SB

This spade was is professional grade and will last you a lifetime. It’s an all-steel construction with a 12″ Long Straight Bottom Steel Blade. This spade is made for your toughest digging jobs and is ideal for landscaping, transplanting and edging.


$43.00 Per Cubic Yard

This soil is a screened material, usually very fine which provides a rich enhancement for planting, top dressing for seeding and sodding.

Triple Ground Hardwood

$31.00 Per Cubic Yard

The Triple Ground Hardwood is processed though our tub grinder a 3rd time with an even smaller screen size, thus giving it a finer consistency.

Out of stock

Western Red Cedar

$54.00 Per Cubic Yard

This product provides a very pleasing aroma of cedar and also serves as a natural bug repellent. .